Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Conspiracy of Friends

A Conspiracy of Friends
What we have here is yet another bright and breezy novel by Alexander McCall Smith. A Conspiracy of Friends is book 3 in the Corduroy Mansion series, set in London's Pimlico neighborhood.

This book finds William less concerned about his issues with his slacker son and more worried about fighting off an unwanted admirer (which he accomplishes by getting himself entangled in another web.) His greatest concern, however, is the disappearance of his beloved pooch, Freedie de la Hay. He is right to be concerned -- Freddie has a terrifying experience.

Meanwhile, literary agents Barbara Ragg and Rupert Porter quarrel over the right to represent a Yeti author, and the despicable politician, Oedipus Snark -- whom even his own mother loathes -- undergoes an amazing transformation.

If you've enjoyed any of Alexander McCall Smith's books, you'll doubtless enjoy this one, too.

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