Monday, October 14, 2013

Points of View

Points of View
I'm waiting for the new Brian D'Amato book, The Sacrifice Game , to get to me from the inter-library loan program, and it's taking awhile. While I'm waiting I'm trying not to start any major fiction, because I know I'd want to stop as soon as the D'Amato book gets here. (And it's over 600 pages and I'm not a fast reader, so I'm going to be at it for a while.) While I'm waiting, I'm killing time reading Points of View.

Points of View is an anthology of short stories, arranged, not surprisingly by the point of view of the narrator. It's an interesting technique, not particularly valuable, in my opinion, but then, why not? After all, you have to arrange the stories somehow.

I'm not normally much of a fan of the short story genre, but I'm making an exception in this case, because they really are good stories. Among the featured authors are Edgar Allan Poe, James Joyce, Henry James, Dylan Thomas, Anton Chekhov, and a host of others, all of them pretty much considered "classic" authors.

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