Monday, October 21, 2013


I read a review of this book that compared it to Watership Down, and that was enough for me. Silverwing is clearly a children's book, and I'm not really expecting a book of the same caliber as Richard Adams', but it could still be very good without rivaling his work. It's apparently about the travels and tribulations of a young bat.


What a delightful book!

Actually, I started reading this a couple of weeks ago, got into it a few chapters, and then got bored and started reading something else. Last night I picked it up again. And oh, my goodness!

In the very next chapter: Cannibalism! Bad bats! Danger and excitement! Lots of surprises!

I read straight through to the end, and I really enjoyed the ride. There's a whole series of these books (which are technically written for children, but, who cares?) and I'm pretty sure I'll be reading more of them.

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