Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Right-Brain Business Plan

The Right Brain Business Plan
I decided to take a look at this book because I wanted to see what a right-brain business plan would look like. I didn't find out.

You know what a business plan is, right? And you know what a vision board is, probably. So, this author would have you take your business plan and then translate it into a vision board. Know how to do that? Well, I've just saved you $19.95.

So, this is basically a way to play around with your business plan and draw some nice pictures and build a collage or two so you won't be so afraid of it. Because, oh-my-goodness, I'm just too creative and too much of a girly-girl to not be intimidated by the Big Bad Numbers.

You're not creating your business plan with your right brain, in other words. And I still believe there's a way to do that -- you just won't find it in this book. (In fact, at the end of each chapter there's a left brain check-off list to make sure you covered everything.)

So basically, I don't have much use for this book. I seem to be in the minority, however. 32 Amazon Reviewers have given this book an average of 4.9 stars out of 5. And only 2 of those reviews were less than 5-stars. And that's mostly because the Kindle edition doesn't do the pictures well.

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