Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Mind Map by Tony Buzan

How to Mind Map
Unlike the book I reviewed yesterday, How to Mind Map really is about right-brain thinking.

If you already know about mind-mapping, you don't need this book, because, believe me, this really is mind-mapping at its simplest. Which is not to say that it's not a good book. If you know a student who's having trouble in school or someone that has so many ideas they just keep getting themselves confused all the time, this would make a dandy present. It's pocket-sized and a really quick read, and it's pretty much the perfect solution to those of us who were terrorized by outline-preaching teachers at some time during our lives.

I first heard about mind-mapping on the internet, and I find that there's a whole slew of software products available now and even ready-made mind maps to get you started. (I can't even begin to understand how a ready-made mind map would help anyone.) What I found particularly interesting in reading this book by Tony Buzan -- who, if he didn't exactly invent mind-mapping, certainly popularized it -- was that his concept was that the mind map should be hand-made, always colorized, and definitely visual. (You're supposed to draw all kinds of little pictures and stuff.) Which is pretty much everything that the mind-mapping software doesn't give you. Interesting.

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