Friday, October 4, 2013

Stay Close by Harlan Coben

Stay Close - Harlan Coben
Ray Levine is a man with the worst job imaginable. He's a for-hire "fake paparazzi" -- a man who gives Bar Mitzvah boys and awkward suitors the full experience of being relentlessly pursued by the media. Megan Pierce is a happily married suburban soccer mom, but years ago she was a stripper named Cassie, who loved to walk on the wild side. 17 years ago the two were lovers, until a savage murder forced them apart.

Now, a similar murder has occurred, and soon it becomes clear that's it's just the latest in a long string of grisly events. Ray and Megan are forced to work together, and who knows what will happen next?
Stay Close was a fairly absorbing novel, although I can't say that the characters were particularly well drawn, or that the "mystery" was much of one. It's pretty apparent from early on who the real killer is, and what the motivation was. Still, it was an quick and easy read, and fairly enjoyable summer entertainment.

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