Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yes! Energy

Yes! Energy
Really, it's nothing you haven't read before.

Believe in yourself. Change your self-talk. Capitalize on your strengths. Delegate. Trust in a Higher Power.

Loral Langemeier's Higher Power wants her to have a new car in the driveway and more time on the slopes. And this is where things start to get questionable.

If you google the author's name, you'll find lots and lots of complaints about her organization. According to Loral Langemeier, these websites are paid Google advertisements designed to steal traffic away from her and direct it toward her competitors. And, she says, they're put up by Eastern European Extortionists in an effort to extort funds from her. (If she pays up, she says, they'll take the websites down.)

Except they're not. They're definitely not Google ads, and they're not directing traffic to anyone else. And they sure look like actual reviews to me. Which is something I can't say about all the glowing 5-star reviews of her book on the Amazon Website.

If you really want to read this mediocre and not-very-helpful rehash of all the old money-making platitudes, I urge you to borrow the book from your library. Or, if you must buy a copy, get it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Do not, under any circumstances, consider buying it from her website, or from doing anything else there that would involve Loral Langemeier and her minions from getting your credit card number.

Because, according to those East European Extortionists, that might land you in a sea of grief.

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